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更新时间:2020-10-16 09:28

主演:Alice Sykes  Peter Kay  



剧情介绍:1974 and 15 year-old Danny is our guide through the ups and downs of life with the Baker family. With eldest daughter Sharon's wedding looming and the docks facing closure, times are challenging. So too are Danny's attempts to get closer to the opposite sex. Full of humour, warmth and drama Cradle To Grave is based on actual events and characters.Dad Fred (Peter Kay) is known to all and sundry as Spud, a proud South London docker with a penchant for rackets, fiddles and schemes. His wife Bet (Lucy Speed) loves him deeply but longs for the day when they do quaint things - like put money in the electricity meter.Then there's Danny's older brother Michael (Frankie Wilson), with his modish and much mocked head attire, and sister Sharon (Alice Sykes) who with her plimsole-wearing boyfriend is about to take Danny to the theatre for a West End experience he will never forget. Throw in a coveted item of clothing, a rogue tortoise and an early brush with death and it's business as usual at 11 Debnams Rd.


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